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Garena Host Bot Download & Guide

Garena Host Bot is a program for Garena Warcraft 3 Game Server hosting. This program is based on Varlock Ghost++ and GhostOne project but it is only for Garena not Battle.net. It allows you take full control over your server, it can host games automatically, you don’t need to be in game to set the mode. Garena Host Bot all does it for you!

Garena Host Bot Features:

• Start Vote kick or ban players during game.
• Control the game latency and sync limit to reduce lag/delay.
• Ability to auto-save games if someone is disconnected, so it can be re-loaded after wards.
• Ability to Mute anyone’s chat.
• Set Minimum or Maximum Garena Level & Country restrictions to join the host.
• Automatically kicks high ping players.
• Restrict your game to limited countries.
• Ability to reserve slot for some player.
• Enable or Disable map downloads and set it’s speed.
• Auto-Ban Leavers & Name spoofers
• Disable Resource Trade or Sharing
• Shows Players loading time when game starts.
• and much much more..

Garena Host Bot Guide / Tutorial:
• Download Garena Host Bot
• Create a new folder and extract all the files there.
• Now Start “GarenaHostBot.exe”
• Garena Host Bot v4.0 configurator window will appear, configure it, click set and close it.
• Garena Host bot will start
• Start Garena, join a room.
• Open Garena Host Bot window from the taskbar and click Run!
• The game will be hosted.
• Now, You can join your host to take the full control of it.
• Enjoy & make sure you read all the Garena Host Bot commands to make full use of it.

Garena Host Bot 4.0 Download:
GarenaHostBotv4.0.rar (mirror 1)

Garena Host Bot Problem:
• You can join your game and others can’t

Reason: Your ports are not opened. Make sure if your ports 6112 to 6119 are opened or forwarded so you can use Garena Host bot otherwise it won’t work. If you are using a Modem/router. Visit this website to find out on how to forward your ports. Also, check if your Windows Firewall is blocking GHB.

• If Garena Host Bot is not starting or giving any error. Please install these Windows Updates:
# Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package.
# Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package.
• Garena Host Bot currently does not work Garena Messenger.
• If you have any problems, please post a comment.

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