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2009 Talks DotA Episode 4 (Translated)

Hey guys, here’s a subtitled video after a long hiatus.

The legendary captain of FTD and LGD.sGty became a caster and commentator shortly after his retirement from competitive DotA. He released a series of Chinese commentary videos that were highly regarded, not only for the level of insight provided, but also for the entertaining nature of his ramblings, and stories of the competitive scene. Despite having undergone a scandalous feud with another Dota commentator he remains steadfast and continues to be prolific in providing sharp insight into the e-sport.

In this episode, 2009 reviews the match between LGD.sGty and EHOME in Winners’ Bracket Ro8 of the SMM 2010 tournament. This match is noteworthy for being one of the last matches with the legendary 2010 EHOME squad still intact, as well as for the intense late-game duels between two of arguably best carries in the world–Burning playing his trademark Morphling and ZSMJ on Alchemist–both with full inventories.

With flawless gameplay on both sides, epic teamfight wins under item disadvantages and an RR from the Replay section of GosuGamers, this match could be considered the most perfect match of Dota ever played.

GosuGamers – Original Article

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