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DotA Reconnecting Tool, coming very soon!

Few days ago, IceFrog mentioned about the possibility of DotA Reconnecting Tool. Now IceFrog has blogged a good news. The reconnecting tool is going to be released soon for both Client & Server version. He said, DotA Reconnecting tool has been tested for few weeks and worked flawlessly. Read what he said in his own words:

Quoting IceFrog from his blog:

The first version of Varlock’s reconnection tool is almost ready for release. We’ve been testing it in real DotA games for the past few weeks and it has worked very well. We’ve had many players disconnect only to reconnect moments later, saving otherwise lost games.

The code for this tool (both client and server) will be open source so that anyone can build upon it and integrate it into their platforms and communities.

This tool can also work on other platforms like. Garena, Ranked Gaming Client, Battle.net etc. If you are developer and interested in integrating this tool on other platforms you may contact IceFrog or Varlock.

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    February 27, 2010 at 12:35 PM
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