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DotA Allstars : Start Of Game Tips

DOTA: Start of Game Tips
He is set to be the next legend of DOTA all across the internet. Our man MaxQ continues to give us and everyone at DOTAtips.info his expert tips on all things DOTA. At this rate, IceFrog and big bosses from Blizzard Games will be on the phone trying to steal his ideas. Based out of Romania, nestled away in the DOTA kingdom that is Europe – he spreads the best tips to the rest of us in Asia, Australia and USA.

Ok, in this post, MaxQ discusses early DOTA game strategy and how to keep yourself going in the lane, healthy and cashed up. Read on ….

DOTA: Starting the Game
By MaxQ (maxq626@gmail.com)
Do you never know how to start a game? Are you in trouble deciding what to buy first in game? You will need to regenerate your mana and health all the way through out the game so think carefully.
Ring of Health is a good choice, it gives you 4hp/second regeneration and you can make some combinations with other items later in the game.You can buy either 2x Ring of Regeneration which can be used later on for some recipes to.
Do you need mana? Void Stone is a very popular choice but i must say Sobi mask is more frequently used and gives you a larger selection of recipes to. Later in game you can buy of course Mekansm and Arcane Ring, Mekansm gives you allot of attributes:+5 to all attributes, +5 armor, 3hp/sec regeneration aura, and if u activate it for 150 mana it gives 2 bonus armor for friendly units in an area around you and restores 250hp to.
Arcane ring is especially for casters it gives you 300 mana and +3 armor and if u use it it restores 135 mana in an area around you at the cost of 25 mana it has 33seconds cooldown. But the most useful things is: …… “Empty Bottle” this is the most powerful regenerating item in the game, well yeah you could buy lesser clarity potions for just 50g but this regenerates 100 mana over 30 seconds that’s a very long time that you must stay away from getting attacked, and for health you could buy Flask of Saphire Water that regenerates 400hp over 10 seconds this is still to slow and it cost you 100g, and there is Ancient Tango of Essifation that costs 80g and lets you eat trees for 100hp / tree eaten.
But, and most importantly these without the items of course are Consumables you use them and they disappear so you buy them you spend your gold and they get used up so that’s not a good deal at all.Lets get back to the Empty Bottle! This bottle is very useful in all situations and more important is its very fast regenerating property, it regenerates 200 health and 75 mana over only 3 seconds, now you must admit that is fast 1 . 2 . 3 and your regenerated.
When you purchase it you will have two uses then the bottle is empty, but no worries you just go and capture a magical rune, one of the two that is constantly appearing on the two spots along the river. The funny part is that you can capture the rune for 2 minutes so u capture lets say invisibility or double damage or whatever and u use it when you want in the 2 minutes limit, and when u use it the flask will be filled up again.
These runes reappear every 2 minutes after the game starts so its plenty of them, and if u look at the game time in the right side drop down hero panel in dota game and pay attention to it you can even get 2 at a time just go lets say at “10:50″ 10minutes and 50seconds to get a rune then move back so the other can reappear and then go get that one to lol.
Easier than that you can buy some observer,sentry wards and put them near the runes so you have 6 minutes of visibility of that location, that way you wont miss a rune. So its your choice what you buy and how you use it, maybe there are others to but these are the most important and frequently used.You should definitely try out Empty Bottle you wont regret it. Tell all your friends to come and read the guides more are coming.

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