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DotA Facts…

– Destroy enemies’ moutain, just use CM’s Frostbite that lasts for 10s with 10s cooldown against it.

– By silencing Rikimaru you make him visible. Rikimaru will stay visible as long as he is silenced.

– FocusFire(Windrunner) can hit invisible enemy if she use it before the enemy goes invisible.

– You can use TP scroll on Undying’s Tombstone. You can use Glyph on Undying’s Tombestone.
(Glyph on Tombstone has been fixed in DotA Allstars 6.64)

– The knockback effect of Batrider’s Flamebreak uses direct positioning.
This means that if you get hit by the knockback just before you Blink, Teleport or any similar ability, Flamebreak will put you right back where you were before.
(Yes, it even knock you back to base)

– Decrepify(Oblivion) and GhostForm(GhostScepter) can be used to escape any Ensnare-based spell, including Ensnare(Naga), Earthbind(Meepo), or Pit of Malice(PitLord).

– Dirge’s Soul Rip can target any building on the game, but with no effect on them, with the exception of his tombstone, which will be healed.

– Sand King’s Caustic Finale has the same base skill as Ursa’s Fury Swipes. If both Ursa and Sand King are attacking the same target, SK’s attacks will also increase Fury Swipes’ bonus damage. When the unit is killed the explosion damage from Caustic Finale will be dealt to all targets within 400 AoE so long as the target still has the Fury Swipes buff at the moment of death.
(Gay partners)

– Armlet can be activated and placed on SpiritBear(LoneDruid’s pet) without it suffering any degen. It will not gain any strength, but it will gain all the other benefits.

– Waveform Extension, make sure you spam right click move command to the direction your wave is going. This extends the waveform, most noticeably when you have a haste rune or just a high movespeed. The important thing is to spam right click since the waveform trigger moves morph every .04 secs so the right click move command is canceled every .04 secs.

– Two separate permanent invisibility will allow the unit to attack and cast spells without revealing itself. This can be easily reproduced in DotA using a combination of Mirana’s ultimate with either Stealth Assassin’s ultimate or Broodmother’s web.
(Yes, imba golden 11 seconds unrevealed even attack and cast spells)

– Zeus’s Lightning Bolt will reveal sight over 900 AoE with true sight over 3 seconds. Don’t forget the ministun (0.01 second) on the targeted unit also!
(Merlini’s zeus uses lightning bolt to reveal & destroy wards)

– Although Zeus’ Thundergod’s Wrath hits all the enemy heroes, and have true sight, it can’t damage isolated invisible enemies (eg. Rikimaru, Broodmother in web), because that damage is applied before true sight.

– Both the Illusion rune and the Double Damage rune will NOT affect your hero when you’re magic immune
(Beware BKB and N’aix users!)

– Radiance is one of the only auras that affects others while you are invisible as it is based on Building Damage Aura (Tornado); This in contrast to abilities such as Rot / Pulse Nova where if you go invisible you will not be able to deal damage to enemies but still drain your HP/MP.

– When using Mirana’s leap there is a 0.001 second windwalk in the beginning of the animation, therefore it can be used to dodge any oncomming projectile if the enemy does not have true sight on you.

– Fog of war updates every .4 seconds. So if you Blink into the fog and use echo slam/Qop scream/heat seeking missle too early, you will miss due to the fact you haven’t seen the enemy yet.

– Some spells based on Fan of Knives (Scream of Pain for example), although doing magic damage, but won’t damage ethereal units.
(This includes Pugna’s Decrepify and Ghost Scepter’s active ability)

– Elune’s Arrow, if timed right, flying over neutrals on spawning time, can prevent neutrals from spawning.

– Heroes like Lycanthrope and Dragon Knight who transform can remain in their transformations even if they cast Mirror Image (Manta Style) by arranging commands (Hold shift -> move position -> transform -> manta style)

– Sonic Wave x2, you can actually get hit twice by 1 sonic wave. say you have a blink skill such as magina, you can be right beside QOP, get hit by the sonic wave as it comes out and blink in front and get hit again. this works similarly with x marks the spot.

– The unusable/undroppable bottle, get a courier fill a rune. Send the courier to die in enemies’ tower/fountain/creeps.
Type on ALL: ****!! MY BOTTLE!!!
Let the enemy hero pick the bottle. And watch them cry because they just wasted an inventory slot.

– When Huskar and Necro’s ulti are both boosted by sceptre, it is possible to instant kill anyone.

– Medusa’s split shot uses a bear form spell as base with a transformation time of 0.1 seconds just like Troll Warlord, because of that you are also able to dodge disables with switching it on/off.
(For those who doesn’t know, you can avoid storm bolt or any similar skills with Troll’s transformation, and so do Medusa)

– Contrary to popular belief, Truestrike from MKB stacks with other criticals on ranged heroes. You will not see the red critical numbers, but you still benefit from them. Though this only occurs when you acquire Truestrike after another source of Critical Strike.

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