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Cool DotA Facts…

* You can now team kill allied heroes in other damage over time abilities like Curse of the Silent,Shadow Word,Doom,Viper Strike etc
* You have to be below 25% health for an ally to be able to start denying you (assuming you can be denied of course)

*Balanar’s Void disrupts channeling spells [only at night].
*Balanars ulti can be used at night to increase time of night.So dont waste ur ulti’s cooldown.


*Denying creeps also gives seeker blood [bloodbath].Purge dosent remove rupture.If u rupture naga siren when she is splliting ,her original will take damage.Invisible heros are auto attacked by seeker when theit hp less than 40%

*bloodseeker can see invisible units in range with HP below 50% thosewith castable invi. but with rikimaru, you can only spot him in themini map but is virtually invisible in the actual screen and isimpossible for allies to use targetted spells. you can only autoattack if there are no other enemy units around.

*Your images have bloodbath too.Dont rupture any unit with magical immunity like naix avatar or omniknight with repel sheild,they dont take movement damage.

*After u throw impetus,u can move back to increase distance between u and ur target.thats deals additional damage.
Calculation of impetus uses dist between u and enemy,not distance at time of throw and enemy.

*An enchantress being healed by wisps takes negligible damage when she is being dismembered.

*U can dismember an enemy at a higher range than normal,meaning higher range that rot effects.
u can hook/rot invisible heros too.

*Deny creeps at maximum efficiency with pudge sisnce his flesh heap skill gives u strenght from denied creeps also!u  can check this by using -fleshstr

*If a barathrum is netherstriking a furion who tping,then bara will also be tped.
Bash hits before u actually hit so,bash cant miss.
it helps farm better.


*Furion’s sprouted trees can be made alive using his other skill to surround and attack the enemy hero.
Furion can use a bunch of creeps to take down towers.
Tango can eat through sprout and can help you escape.


*When ur zeus u can ask ur ally lane partner to pick punga to make ur spells very effective by turning enemy ethereal and then nuking.

*U can also ask keeper of light to be ur ally and ask him to spam chakra on u to regen mana and spam ur skills.


*Sand king can run into creep camps when he is being chased and then burrowstrike to get thorugh trees and runaway.
Blinkdagger is useful for his build [for ganking and escaping,for burrow+epi combo]
*You can use burrow to move across cliffs aswell, and dagger is used notto escape but to bring the epicenter into the battle therefore dodging any threat of channel canceling.


*If u are clinks/nortrom/etc who have special hits,dont keep them on auto attack.just spam them using hotkey.this way they will not alert creeps.

This is called orb walking.


*Stay away toward the edge of the map when ur either in top or bottom lane,so u have that extra second to react for when ur being ganked.


*To harrass a melee enemy,hit the ranged creep first.When ur about to last hit,he will feel like he HAS to deny it and come closer when u must hit/disable him.


*Don’t deny the last creep of a wave,doing so will make u take 3-5 hits.
*Dont try to get seige units 1st,they are after all 20 gold extra only.

*A very simple and effective thing to do when ur being chases with low hp is to go attack the nearest most powerful neutral creep camp.if ur last hit by those creeps,u DONT lose any gold.Ur streak is intact too.

*Dont head to roshan in such cases unless ur gonna be 1 hit KO,cause roshan usually throw a stun rock and then attacks.which might lead to disaster.


*Use animation cancelling!
A lot of heroes has an extra bit of animation after they have cast a spell . For example : crystal maiden,she has a lot of unneccesary wand swinging after she casts her skills.Issu a coomand like attack or move immediately after u cast a spell so u can cancel that un-needed bit of crap and get on with killing.

Those few seconds are very valuable cause stuns/disables stay on only for mere 2-3 seconds and animations take a second or so from them.


*Beware of Sunder while fighting terror blade!
It will instantly turn the tide of battle.

*Tanks like centuar warcheif MUST NOT be chosen against DT.


*When ur being chased across the river and ur very sure that the enemy hero does NOT have sight of u for a few seconds,then it wise to go hide near roshan as most people dont check there and follow the regular route
Blinkers can also hide near roshan,[Roshan has a very low Aggro AOE]and then blink out to gank!


*A few heroes like mirana and pudge MUST have an empty bottle to effectively play the game.
Always check for runes after you have drunk ur fill.Runes can be stored in empty bottles and used ay ur convinience.
After u use the rune,the empty bottle will again be filled to 2/3 charges!


*If ur a hero like zeus/maiden,and early game u havent gotten any clarities and ur solo top or bottom.
use up all ur mana and nuke the enemy hero and then farm 700 gold,then go to the secret shop.Buy an empty bottle and nuke again securing 1st blood and denying him exp while getting lot of bonus exp!


*Use -di at the beggining of the game if u want to identify creep deny easily


*To make Zeus more powerful late game,u can buy an Afaghim Sceptre and a Refresher Orb.
Your Ultimate will deal improved dmg x 2 to all heroes.


*Earthshaker can get a free level at start by using Fissure to block your creeps before your tower.
Fissure can also be used to trap enemy units in an area and to help allied heroes escape.
Echo Slam must be avoided for usage when there is only a single enemy unit around.

*Penta Kill on Raigor [Use Refresher Orb+ Mana Items]

Blink in
Echo Slam
Enchant Totem
Echo Slam
Enchant Totem

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